Should I rent or buy a house?

Let's face it! Figuring what stocks to invest in buying gold or deciding which car to buyare all big financial decisions.

But buying a house is by far thebiggest of them all.

At current real estate and rental rates, home is where the hurt is.

The biggest question then is should you pay rent or buy your own place.

The answer is simple if you thinking long-term paying rent could make a huge dent in your savings.

But if you're thinking short term just thecost of the house you want to buy could end in a hugesigh of defeat.

Or is it that simple? No, but its not trigonometry either.

You will need to answer a few basic questions.

For starters: How much would you pay to rent and what does it cost if you buy? Isn't it better to just buy a house sinceyou buy one at some point anyway? With rising rentals aren't you better off paying an EMI? How long are you planning to live there? What if you relocate? Are you missing out on yet anotherreal estate boom? What if you realise after buying that the price hasn't gone up much? When it comes to housing decisionyou'll probably hear many opinions from different people.

We realise that you house isn't built with money alone.

While it is a decision close to your heart, Our well-researched tools, blog posts and videos help you navigate this decision.

How's that for some good timely advice?.

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