Ten Reasons to Sell Home in Fall and Winter

Well hello there my Realtor Dakota here so your thinking about waiting till spring to put your house on the market well you may want to think again I'm here to explain ten reasons why you should put your house on the market market now number one less competition this means you may sellyour house faster and for more money while everyone else is waiting out winter put their house the market you can have the pick of the buyer buyers right now number two always lookin ninety percentof buyers first look online so winter weather doesn'tstop them from lookin todays buyers are educated and they know what they're looking for sellers who stick out the market through thewinter actually increase your chances to salessignificantly when a smaller number of winter sales are compared to the smallerinventory available of homes you'll see that individualhome seller may actually be just as likely to have their home sell in winter as in summer.

Number three, home buyers aren't going to open houses in negative degree temperature for fun.

If they are suiting up with hats, scarves, gloves, and jacket they mean business Number 4, lowe rates if your buying a new home you can lock in historically low ratesstill in the three to four percent Freddie Mac expect the average rate fora 30-year mortgage to reach five percent by the end of 2015 Number five, showing flexibility.

Enjoy theholidays rather than pull your home off the marketand miss a good prospect change the showing procedures to require advanced notice or restrict showings when you have company.

Buyers will understand just beware though of the limited time relocation transferees have to see properties Number six biggest transfer month.

Did you know that more corporate moves happen during the month January than any other month of the yearCorporate transferees who need to buy a house now simply cannot wait until spring Employees who are relocating to your area don't have time to wait this makes for a motivated buyer theywill want to get moving so they can get back to work.

Numberseven Its a chance to show off your homeswinter assets.

cozy fireplaces, non-drafty windows,newer insulation and efficient home heating.

Number eight more time.

Employees get more time off during the holiday season and have more time for showings.

In general, life slows down in the winter and people have time to plantheir home buying strategy Number nine, quicker loans.

loans can be process quicker because title companies aren't as busy.

Number ten my realtor special.

If you list with me I will pay for the one year home warranty.

This is a cost home sellers should expect and it's a cost that I will cover that over s four hundred dollar.

Inthe past MLS printed books andnewspaper ads created the buying season now with the advancement oftechnology and the ease of looking online there there are still many buyers out there In the fall and winter.

Rather then pull your house of the market and miss a likely prospect.

Change yourshowing procedures to require advance notice while still enjoying the holidays.

A sell before the end of the year could make for a greatholiday gift.

Also, it is important that you hire and agent whounderstand the current buying trends and uses the latest marketing practices So are you ready to sell your home? Call or text me at 937 602-8827 or email me at dakota@myrealtoroh.

Com thanks and I hope to hear from you soon!.

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