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3 Things You Need To Sell Your Home

welcome back to the Sims real estategroup of Remax Nanaimo Jason Simard here again bringing further value I want totalk about something that's really important I wanna talk about theimportance of really properly setting up your home for sale and having a trueprofessional represent you when listing your property so there's three thingsthat are crucial to selling a home number one you have to price the homeproperly nobody wants to overpay for anything so at the end of the day if you'remissing the mark with your property it's gonna sit on the market for a long timeand become stale so getting the price right is really important so getting aprofession like myself that has true understanding the market they can getall the data that makes sense and provide you a market analysis iscritical the second thing is is you need to stageyour home properly it needs to be clean uncluttered it needs to show really wellbecause I'll tell you this showing hundreds of homes to people over theyears one of things that I get all the time this is this doesn't look right Idon't like that furniture and that's not what people are buying but that's howthey feel and how they feel that's gonna ultimately dictate whether they want toput an offer on the property or not most people can't overlook those littlethings ninety-four percent of buyers haveviewed your home online before they even go out to see it in person so what'simportant you need a professional like The Sims like my team at Sims realestate group who understand marketing and they understand the importance ofshowcasing a home properly so as long as we hit those three things number one we getthe price right number two we make sure the home looks clean and unclutteredand shows well and then number three let's make sure that a hundred percentof the buyers that are looking can see your home and showcased in the mostprofessional light my team prides itself on being very tech savvy we understandthat real estate has changed over the last ten years the Internet has changedthe way people do business in fact it's so crucial that we spend most of ourmarketing dollars utilizing the internet to showcase homes and generate moreopportunities those are the three most important things and of course I'm gonna throw in afourth-year you have to have a professional that can negotiate yourhome and really help you generate the best price for that home and that's gonnabe someone like myself who is a professional when it comes tonegotiation.

At the end of the day those are all the factors that are gonna becrucial in your next home sale if I can help you list your property give you a market information I'm hereto do that and I have an amazing team behind me to make sure that the marketing strong.

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Rent A House Or An Apartment In 3 Easy Steps

Hi my name is Edgar Mercado and in this videoI'm going to give you the three easy steps you need to take when looking to rent a houseor an apartment and save time, money, and headaches so.

Stay tuned! Step 1- find home or the apartment you'relooking for.

Searching websites such as rentals.

Com or zilllow.

Com provide you with a big listof homes or apartments that are for rent in your area.

The only bad thing about this isthat most of these websites are not updated often enough and therefore have a lot of outdatedinformation so you need to be patient and take some time to make phone calls and makesure that the home you like is still available.

Step number two is by far the most importantstep.

If you follow these steps it will save you time, money, and a lot of hassle.

Here'swhat you need to do: First, Obtain a copy of your most recent creditreport.

I know there are websites such as credit karma.

Com and others where you canget you a free copy of your credit report.

Just be sure that it is free and that youwill not get charged later down the road.

This way you can use this copy with everyone of the places you apply for a lease without being charged $25 or so for every time youdo.

Talking about your credit report, Please note that while you may or may not have anexcellent credit, it will not ultimately be the deciding factor to obtain the lease agreementsigned.

What landlord's and homeowners renting their property are looking in your creditreport is any previous evictions you may have on your record.

It may also be a good ideato have another person cosign with you but understand that if you fail to pay your renton time it will also affect the person that is cosigning for you.

Next, gather all your most recent paystub's as well as the history of your previous residenceduring the past 3 to 5 years.

Have at least 3 to 5 references of people that know youand can be called to be asked about you.

Finally, bringing and already filled out rentapplication and your checkbook.

I put A link to one you can download in the descriptionbelow.

By doing this are showing that you are prepared and you're not there to wasteanybody's time.

Step number three, be honest and willing tocompromise- When you find a rental you love, make sure“not to ask for any special concessions,” Many prospective renters make the mistakeof asking if the security deposit can be divided into payments over the first few months orif the rent could be lowered, or if they can be allowed to have pets when there is no petsallowed.

Considering that the landlord may have already been on the fence about acceptingyour application, asking for special circumstances may make him decide you’re too much of arisk.

“Ultimately,” it is the owner of the propertywho must decide if you are the best fit to live in his property.

So make it easy on yourselfand have all of the above ready and get out on the hunt.

I guarantee your applicationwill stand out from all the others because you are showing that you are prepared andready to moving in.

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