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How do I decide if its time To Sell my Laguna Niguel Home-Check it now

The market activity report for Laguna Niguel for theweek of March 23rd 2015 shows it's a seller's market.

The medianlist price now is $1,079,000.

And on the average it's taking 116 days to sell a home in Laguna Niguel and the days on the market are actuallyheading downward.

Although 37 percent of the homes had aprice decrease, it is currently a seller's market.

So,prices will resume their climb if the trend continues.

While the medianhome price in Laguna Niguel hasn't moved much in the last few weeks, we are relatively close to the high-water mark in pricing.

So, while prices are trending up,inventory is tightening and the days on the market is falling.

This is a great time to sell you Laguna Niguel home.

I'm Arna freedman, your real estateadvisor.

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How to build a home that will sell fast. Spray Foam Insulation Chicago area (630)999-8379. Call now!

(nature sounds, instrumental music) How to build a home that will sell fast.

I'm gonna tell you how tobuild a much better home to sell it faster,with just a few grand more.

You use quality materials andbrand-name products, right? That's something you show off,and the home buyer will, too.

Would you like to know about the ONE thing that takes place behind the walls of every home that will make life so much better? You do? Are you sure? Ok! Insulation is not something fancy that homeowners show off to their friends but the right insulation might keep in their pockets at least a hundred dollars a month, year 'round, year after year.

Spray Foam Insulation prevents air flow, which is amongst the main causes of heat and moisture transfer.

In other words, fiberglass and other materials allow air to flow through a house, carrying heat and moisture.

This makes the HVAC to run more often, costinghomeowners between $100 and $140 more every month,for a mid-size home in the Midwest.

There will be less dust in the house,a much better humidity control, it will cost less to maintaina comfortable temperature both in summer and winter,and it will even prevent drafts and air currents.

Also, noise abatementis greatly improved, for both external, and internal sources.

The kids are playing,friends came over, or the neighbors are hostinga party? It's still quieter.

You've heard "Happy wife, happy life".

Well, what about "Happy everybody"? Even the environment benefits,with a smaller carbon footprint.

Besides consuming less energy to keepa comfortable temperature and humidity, our materials includerecycled bottles.

Make a greener home! All these benefits, for usuallyless than five thousand, spread in a 30-year mortage[pays back in less than 5 years] that will save over $100 every month, year around, year after year.

It's just a no-brainer.

Build a quality homewith Spray Foam Insulation, and it will be yetanother great selling point.

Sell faster, sell more, save money.

Ask us for a quotation.

Retrofitting is possible for existing homes.

[The Blooper] I'm going tell you how to build a much better home.

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