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5 Reasons to Sell Your Home in the Spring or Summer

Sellers, do you want to get top dollar foryour home? In this video I’m going give you 5 reasonswhy you should list your home in Spring or Summer.

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Ok, let’s get down to it.

Number 1, Bigger sale price.

In most markets, more inventory means lowerprices, Econ 101 right? But the housing market works the oppositeway – Prices are highest in the Spring and Summer which is prime season and it's whenthe most homes are listed for sale.

It may seem a illogical, but it happens thisway because demand to buy homes is very seasonal, driven by weather and the school year.

So, there are more buyers in spring and summerbecause for many people this is a convenient time to move.

So relative to demand, the supply of homesis actually tighter in spring and summer than in winter and the fall.

Number 2 – Better valuationsWhen creating the valuation on your home, the appraiser looks for data on comparablehomes sold in your neighborhood.

But if the appraiser can only compare to datafrom a home that sold for cheap in the winter, it can hurt the valuation for your home whichcould put you at at a disadvantage when it comes to selling.

With more homes selling in the prime season,comparable home data is more accurate.

So, the best case scenario would be for youto be the second or third person in your neighborhood to put your house up for sale and take advantageof the earlier home sales which will be a better and more accurate, more comparablesales for your home.

Your agent should talk to the appraiser tomake sure that he/she understands your neighborhood.

Appraisers often come in from out of townand may not understand that the home that recently sold for $400,000 was a fixer upper,when prices are normally $600,000 in that neighborhood.

Number 3 – Better curb appeal and longer daysYour home will shine in the Springtime – flowers are blooming and buyers are out looking fortheir dream home.

Daylight Saving Time also gives buyers moretime to look at houses, meaning your property can be seen by more buyers during the day.

A bright and sunny home will sell better thana dark and cold home 10 out of 10 times.

Number 4 – Bidding warsBidding wars are a headache for buyers but a big plus for sellers.

If you put your home on the market when inventoryis at its high, there is a better chance for bidders and multiple offers because thereis also an increased number of buyers competing against one another.

Bidding wars mean more money in the seller’spocket.

They usually mean buyers are less likely tomake request for repairs or other demands on the seller requests.

Additionally, cash buyers can be aggressivebidders and you might find a buyer with a bucket full of dollars with and a fast laneto close of escrow.

Number 5- Sellers can be choosy tooDon’t want your childhood home bulldozed to the ground for a new McMansion? Well, you have a better chance of findinga loving couple looking to start a family on the on-season.

More buyers mean more offers and you may bebetter able to choose the next owners of your home.

Sellers, if you are selling your home on theoff season, don't despair.

Although you may not get as many buyers lookingat your home, the buyers that do come are often very motivated.

Off-season buyers are more focused and seriousabout finding the right home in a short amount of time.

In many cases, they are involved in a relocationor facing a situation that is requiring them to move.

If buyers are out looking at houses the daybefore Thanksgiving or chilly New Year’s Eve, you know they are serious.

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I’m Paul Brelin Century 21 NorthBay Alliance.

Remember, the agent you choose matters.

And I'll talk to you soon.

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Why Use Video To Sell Your Home?

So, you've decided that you do want to sellyour property and of course do it as quickly as possible.

But there are lots of other propertieson the market that are the same as yours.

They have the same number of bedrooms, receptionrooms, garden space, and they're in the same location and more importantly, in the sameprice bracket as yours.

So what you need is an edge.

Well having a film made about yourhome is a fantastic way to market and sell your house.

You may have some fantastic featureswithin your property that photos and floor plans simply do not do justice to.

Video isa great way to showcase these features, and the rest of your property too, and rememberthis is going to be seen on you tube, estate agents website, and also right move.

So dospeak to your estate agent today and we look forward to filming at your home very soon.

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5 Tips to Sell Your Home for More

hey guys this is Jennifer De Vivo realty and today i'm coming to you with my five top tips on how to list and sell or get ready to sell your property this year so if you're thinking about selling your property you're probably thinking oh my goodness where do I start if you're like me your house is probably crazy sometimes so here's five things that you can kind of get in your head when you're thinking about selling this year number one is we always talk about is to declutter and I know you've heard about this and it what does it mean to declutter your house well it means taking anywhere from one third to two-thirds of the things that you have in your home out of your house what are we doing in real estate we are selling the space we are selling the potential for someone to come in and move into your home and bring their own things so they need to be able to visualize themselves living there and I tell people if you're really believing that you're going to sell your home this year and you have a great agent that gives you a great marketing plan go ahead and start moving and starting to move means going ahead and decluttering and taking one-third to maybe even two thirds of your stuff out of the house and if you don't have anywhere to put it you could get a pod you could get a utility you could get a storage if all else fails you could use your garage so number one declutter number two depersonalize so maybe you've gone ahead and you've decluttered and you've taken a lot of stuff and you can see a lot of space in your home now you want to maybe take down some of those specialty items that people can get touchy about this but people again buyers want to come in and visualize themselves living in your home and so if you've got a lot of family pictures you may want to scale that down if you've got a lot of specialty artwork or bright colors you may want to go ahead and tone those down one thing that we like to think of is neutral or think of a model home go to look at builders go into some of these model homes and you will oh my gosh i can see myself living here i want to live here and what the designers are doing is that they are depersonalizing the home they are creating a neutral environment with some accent pieces that kind of invite you to live in the space so number two depersonalize number three let in the light and this is one of my very favorite ones you want to open up those windows you want to take down those curtains or put them to the side you want to open up those blinds light is what shows the space and so oftentimes I go into gorgeous homes and you go in there and it's like a cave or when I go to show a home and I'm representing a buyer and I open the door and I try to show the home, the home is very dark sometimes lights don't work you try to show a bedroom or master bedroom light is not turning on so definitely get the brightest lights in the rooms where perhaps you don't have a big window perhaps you can't let in the light so let in the light and number four would be curb appeal when i'm driving by your home your home should be like stop look at me come up my driveway or come up my walkway and open my beautiful door a lot of times buyers are making maybe up to half of their decision just based on the exterior of your home so get your yard ready maybe put some inviting flowers if you're in florida sometimes you know flowers die very quickly we have a lot of heat you might want to get some hardy plants that are bright colored if you know me you know I love crotons any kind of tropical plant or anything that's just going to bring in some color and personality to your yard and pay attention to your door, the door is the first thing we're going to open so nicely brightly or fresh colored door is going to be something that is going to be inviting as we're standing there and we're getting ready to go into your home and the last tip that I would give you would be staging or stage coaching one of the things that I specialize in here at the people realty is coming to your home and creating an action plan to get your home ready to sell we don't just slap your home on the market we want you to sell for more every time and so we go room by room and we create an action plan and we integrate design principles and maybe things that you need to do to get your home ready to sell so that you can sell for the top dollar you can sell for the most in your neighborhood and we do that every single time it's something that we take pride in so again just to kind of recap some of the tips that you can do to get your home ready to list and sell this year is to declutter, depersonalize let in the light, drive up that curb appeal make that yard gorgeous and do some staging or hire a realtor who does stage coaching like me or even a real professional stager who brings in their own interior-design who might bring in their own pieces for my bringing their own furniture in some special cases again this is Jennifer with De Vivo Realty helping you find your way home and we hope that you sell for more this year.

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What should I do to get my home ready to sell?

– Hello and welcomeback to our video blog, I am Yasmin Saad, with the Saad Team here.

Probably the number onequestion I get from sellers, besides how much moneyam I gonna take home, is: what do I need to do toget my property ready to list and put on the market? So here's a few quick tips,things that you can do, that will help ensureyou're in the best showing shape from day one whenyou hit the market.

Number one: anything thatmay be kinda outstanding, sitting on that honey do list, go ahead and get thoseitems taken care of.

There's a few things we always see pop up on inspection lists,perhaps there's a little bit of dry rot or wood rot between the door and the side of your houseleading from the garage.

We see that quite a bit.

If you have any outletsthat aren't working, get those repaired and upgradeto the latest technology so you're protected with a ground circuit, those pop up a lot as well.

Go ahead and install new light bulbs and buy the really good ones.

I know, you're gonna be selling the house and you probably don't want to spend, what you think is frivolous money.

It makes a differencewhen the lights are on and the home shows bright and cheery.

This is Florida, people like their light.

Simple little thingsyou can also do include: touching up your baseboards,if there's any paint that needs to be touched up, do that, and then AC cleaning anda big overall cleaning of the property makes a huge difference and having the windows washed.

If you need any helpwith any of these things, give us a call immediatelyat 239-595-8500, and of course, we'rehappy to sit down with you and take a look atspecifically you might need right there in your home.

Look forward to talking to you next time, you can also see usonline at TheSaadTeam.


Thanks so much and talk to you soon.

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how to increase greenhouse energy efficiency – old greenhouse renovation

My name is Chris Powell from good harvestfarm, Strasburg, Pennsylvania.

And we’re here today to look at our energyefficiency savings and upgrades.

We had replaced an older 80 years old structurewith a new up to date 4000 square foot structure.

And it has glass roof, energy curtain, radiantheat in the floor.

And I went to propane fired boilers with hotwater and fen tube.

We also upgraded to computer controls.

We’re finding also that our plant qualityis much better because our heat is constant.

The heat is where we needed when we needed.

We’re about six or eight months thank tothe new structure and new heating system.

And seen better results than we were eventold we’re going to get.

Probably, minimum 40% savings versus our oldsystem.

Well over 20000 dollars savings per year.

So far so good.

We’re really glad we did it.

Big investment but see quick payback withit.

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How To Build A Greenhouse – D.I.Y. At Bunnings

A greenhouse doesn't have to be bucketloadsof cash.

We're gonna make a simple one that you canmove around, and it's gonna have plenty of room in it for all your plants.

We're gonna take your garden area from this.


The good thing about a greenhouse is it cankeep you gardening all year around.

I'm gonna show you how to make a real easyone today.

These are all the tools and equipment thatwe're gonna need to build our greenhouse.

Just a few frames, a little bit of plastic.

If you're a keen gardener, you're gonna wantone of these.

I've got all of my timber pre-cut at Bunnings,and I've sectioned off and labeled all of my different components to make the buildeasy.

To make the base, get the hardwood sleepers,pre-drill and screw together with bugle screws.

To make the base for the floor, we are nowgonna add our timber, down to the bottom, leaving it flush on the floor.

That way you're gonna get a nice clean fit.

Once you have your framing, you can add joistsfor extra support.

This is going to provide the base for theflooring.

Now we have our sub-floor installed.

It's now time to flip it over and put on thecasters.

Use bugle screws.

There's no need to pre-drill, but make sureyou put the wheels with the stoppers on opposing corners.

To lay your floor, put your timber in ribside down, and layer that thirty-odd spacing to still allow for draining.

To make your frame, make the outer frame first,using the framing gun.

I know how big I want my door, so now I justhave to measure and put in my stud work.

Make sure you put in the second brace to allowfor the hinges.

So, that's our front frame made.

Now, let's go and make the door.

Make sure your noggins are flush to the frontof the door to attach your hinges.

To build this side, make a frame and put astud in the middle.

Repeat the process for the other two frames.

Once you've built your framework, it's timeto put the plastic on.

Wrap your frames in plastic, and fix it off.

Make sure you're wearing gloves, and makesure you attach the plastic to the inside of the frame so it looks nice from the outside.

So now we have all of our sides and our frontwrapped.

It's now time to attach the hinges.

Screw the hinges down to the side joists,and attach your pad bolt to the front.

Now the frame's almost finished.

Attach the frame to the base using bugle screws.

It's a little bit tricky, so you might needan extra pair of hands.

To affix the battens to your roof, arrangethem in descending sizes, so you get run-off on the back.

Transfer your measurements from your greenhouseonto some polycarbonate roofing, mark that with a bit of masking tape, and cut to size.

I'm using a metal blade on a medium settingon a jigsaw to allow for a clean cut.

I have measured mine out with a little bitof overhang at the front and at the back to allow rain to fall off.

The last thing we have to do is to attachour roof to our greenhouse.

We're gonna use some roofing screws to dothat.

Attach your screws into the crest of the corrogate.

You only need to do this every second one.

So, there you have it.

A fantastic little greenhouse.

Let's go and find a place for it in the backyard.

So, we have created our own nice, warm environmentfor all of our plants, turning your garden from this.

To this.

Singers: Bunnings Warehouse.

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The Best Time of Year to Rent an Apartment

What is the best timeof year to find tenants for your rental property? That's today's video.

Let's dive in.

Hey, everyone.

I'm Clayton Morris.

I'm the founderof Morris Invest, and I'm a longtimereal estate investor.

Today I want to talk to youabout the best time of year to find tenants foryour rental property.

Now you think the winterwould be a bad time to find tenants for yourrental property, right? We get that question a lot.

Well, should I be concernedin February or March about getting tenantsfor my property if it's so cold outside? Will people want togo out in the snow to come and see your property? Is August a better time? Is the summertime a better time? The answer is frankly,it doesn't much matter.

Obviously, the holidays could bea little bit of a slow period.

Right around Christmas,people aren't going to want to moveand pack up boxes right during the holidays.

However, right after theholidays, and right before tax time is the besttime to find tenants for your rental properties.

Why? Think about it for a second.

Why would that be? Why would that be? Well, refund checks–refund checks– if that's what you said,then you're absolutely right.

And what we find happens is thatmany people want to front load the amount of rent they can puttowards their rental property.

So a new tenant wants tomove into the property, loves the property,and they know they're in competitionwith another tenant.

This is what happenson our properties we get into– I don'twant to say bidding wars– but we really can take the creamof the crop on our properties.

So the person that'sable to put up five months, sixmonths worth of rent and to move into thisproperty, chances are, they'reprobably going to get picked to rent the property.

And why can they do that? Because the tax man– sothey're going to get money back from the government,typically, and they're going to get a big nicecheck from the government.

And rather than spendingthat money on things they don't need, theywant to front load the amount they canput down on their rent.

And very often, we'll gettenants in March, and April, and frankly, February,because people want to do their taxes earlyso they can get those refund checks– they will put downfive, six, seven, months.

We actually had someone paytheir whole year's rent in one fell swoop thanks totheir refund check.

So the springtimecan be a great time, and the winter timeright after Christmas can be a fantastictime to get tenants into your rental properties.

So don't fear the winter.

Old man winter isnothing to fear when it comes to rental properties.

I'd love to hear yourthoughts about today's video.

You can leave some commentsin the thread below.

You can also subscribeto my channel– the big red button– thebig red Subscribe button.

Just click on it,and join our channel.

We publish videos everyweek– multiple times a week.

And our goal with this channelis to really provide you with fantastic informationon how to become a landlord and learn about creatingpassive income and cash flow in your life throughrental property investing.

There is nothinglike it– nothing– trust me– absolutely nothing.

Go out there.

Become a real estate investor.

And take action.

We'll see on thenext video, everyone.

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– Hey so it's been requestedof me to make a video on how to find your first apartment.

Well well well well, I am veryqualified to talk about this because I'm a rebel without a cause and a curious George so I'vemade quite the decisions in my living spaces over the years, and I've mad a lot of mistakesas people can call them, but I don't call them mistakes because they built character, and I am gonna share them with you.

So maybe finding an apartment can be a smoother experience for you.

Top ways to actually look for an apartment is you can do word of mouth.

That's number one.

So if you know someone who lives in an apartment already ask them.

They're going to be yourmost knowledgeable source and they're gonna be superduper honest with you.

So ask them who their building manager is or who their landlord is.

If they like them, ifthere's other units available in their building.

Ask away because they'regonna be super helpful.

Your number one resource.

An apartment hunter willhave a database of apartments that are available.

So they're gonna ask you questions or have you fill out a questionnaire telling them what neighborhoodyou're looking in, how much rent you're looking to pay, if you have a cat, a dog,you need a washer and dryer.

All that good stuff and they'll plug that into their database and they'lllet you know what pops up.

Now apartment hunterscharge a fee normally.

So find out what their fee is.

It could be 10% of years worth of rent.

It could be 10% of a months worth of rent, or they could charge you nothing, and actually charge thelandlord or management company for finding you for them.

Craigslist is a great resource.

I would look for the apartmentsthat have photos at least, and not just a description.

Or at least a website thatyou can go to and check out some of the units.

I don't think I everhad any luck with those ones that don't have photosbecause there's usually a reason they don't have a photo posted.

Look for property management companies.

So you can Google propertymanagement companies in your city and see what pops up.

A property management company is great because they'll have differentproperties all over the city.

They may have propertiesof different price ranges.

They might have a buildingthat's all studios.

Ones that are one, two bedroom.

So they'll have a lot of options for you.

If you have a neighborhood you like and you're just strollingaround the neighborhood and see a building that looks really cool.

Look on the side of the building.

There's usually a phone number listed and the name of theproperty management company or landlord and the building may even have a management office on site and you could stop inthe management office and see what they have to offer.

Besides how you actually goabout finding an apartment.

Here's some things youneed to know about moving.

You want to make sure your money, your finances are in place.

You also want to evaluate your lifestyle and safety to me is prettydarn important as well.

Let me discuss.

Ideally you want to have agood chunk of change saved because you never knowwhen there's an emergency that's gonna happen, or not to be a negative Nancy, but you could lose your job, and if you lose you job,you still want to have enough money where you'llhave a roof over your head.

Now I'm saying this isthe ideal situation, because I did not have an ideal situation and yeah I still don't so.

Having money saved in case of an emergency is just going to makeyour life so much easier.

It is very stressful living month to month waiting for checks.

So if you have to do it you have to do it but let me tell you it sucks balls.

What kind of lifestyle do you have? What kind of lifestyle do you want? Are you fun, do you wanna livein a really busy neighborhood that's got great nightlife,and bars, and clubs, and social hours, or areyou complete opposite? Do you not wanna be nearany type of fun and bars and you wanna life a library or on a farm? So evaluate your lifestyle and see what will work for you.

Decide what your deal breakers are.

What are your needs and wants? If you have a dog or a cat.

It's probably gonna be a deal breaker if you can't have a dogor cat in your building.

So you need to find a buildingthat's gonna allow you to have an animal and do note that you will pay a securitydeposit for your animal.

Just so you know.

If there's no laundry in the building.

If there's no laundry in the unit.

Are you okay with going amile away to a laundromat to wash your clothes? If you get a package, is theresomeone to get it for you? They're gonna leave it on the doorstep? Someone gonna steal it? Make a list of whatyour needs and wants are and then write a list of what your absolute deal breakers are.

So that's going to helpyou narrow down the process of what you're looking for.

So there are websites that will tell you the crime rate in the neighborhood and how walk able and stuff it is.

I'm gonna leave those downbelow in the comment section because I want this processto be easy for you guys.

Moving is stressful enough.

So if I can make this process a little bit more streamline for you thenthat'll make me feel okay.

Lifestyle, needs, wants,deal breakers, and safety.

Once you reach out to one ofthose resources I've given you.

To actually view an apartmenthere are some things you want to look for whenyou go and venture out.

You wanna go during a time of day where it is on and poppin'.

If you go at 10 AM, theneighborhood's probably going to be peaceful and everythingis gonna look fine and dandy.

You wanna go in the middle of the day closer to the evening whenpeople are coming home from work.

They're off work.

You can see how loud the neighbors are.

You can see how crazy the neighbors look.

You could see what theparking situation is like when everyone's home.

You can see a lot if yougo at the right time of day to look for an apartment.

If you see other peoplethat live in the building.

Do go up and ask.

Do you like living in this building? And a lot of times theywill tell you the truth.

They will tell you becauseif they don't like living in the building they're gonna tell you.

They are not gonna haveany qualms about being like it is loud, you know watch out for him, up the street this.

And again if they like it they'regonna rave about it to you so don't be afraid to goup to someone and ask them what they think.

Some things that you should look out for when you actually go view the apartment.

So you're either going tobe viewing an apartment that someone is still living in, but they're moving out soon and they're showing their apartment.

Or you're going to endup seeing an apartment that's already vacant.

You might even see anapartment that they use as their show apartment.

So no one lives in it, it's just for show.

So keep in mind with the show apartments that your actual apartmentunit may not look like that.

So you need to find outwhat your actual unit would look like andpreferably you wanna see it.

Now, wanna make sure yourcellphone works inside of the apartment.

So do make a phone call andsee if you have good reception.

Do flip on the water.

Like if you have sucky water pressure.

It's gonna suck bad foryou to take a shower.

Sucky water pressure is a no no.

Open the windows.

Windows can look beautifuland you open them up and there are bars on them.

There's practical things that you can do just to give you some ideasof things I've learned.

Is there a sprinkler system? Also pay attention to the lease.

You know if you're lookingfor short term lease or a long term lease.

Leases are usually a one year at a time.

Rent usually rises ever year so be prepared for a smallincrease in rent every year.

I hope this video wassuper helpful for you and happy apartment hunting.

Vets, leave a commentfor the newbies below.

Let them know anything I left out or anything that might besuper helpful for them, and newbies, leave me a comment as well.

Let me know what you think.

Find me on other social media.

I'm on Instagram, Facebook, twitter, and subscribe to this channel.

I'll see you guys next time, bye.

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How do I decide if its time To Sell my Laguna Niguel Home-Check it now

The market activity report for Laguna Niguel for theweek of March 23rd 2015 shows it's a seller's market.

The medianlist price now is $1,079,000.

And on the average it's taking 116 days to sell a home in Laguna Niguel and the days on the market are actuallyheading downward.

Although 37 percent of the homes had aprice decrease, it is currently a seller's market.

So,prices will resume their climb if the trend continues.

While the medianhome price in Laguna Niguel hasn't moved much in the last few weeks, we are relatively close to the high-water mark in pricing.

So, while prices are trending up,inventory is tightening and the days on the market is falling.

This is a great time to sell you Laguna Niguel home.

I'm Arna freedman, your real estateadvisor.

Stay tuned for the next market activityreport for Laguna Niguel, California.

You can also check your current homevalue report at viewmyhomesvalue.

Com and follow up on Twitter and Facebook.

Sign onto ehome.

Com today to get all theproperty information you need in Laguna Niguel.

Thank you.

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How to Use Social Media to Sell a Home in Northern Utah

We wanted to move to a warmer climate.

Mybody doesn’t seem to agree with the weather, and cold is not fun for me so we’ve decidedto move to Florida.

Speed wise was great too! We only showed for,what, about a month.

Felt like we always knew what was going on, and that we would know whatthe next steps were.

It was awesome! It was nice that it was verysocial media friendly and so we were able to share it online, and stuff.

We did geta couple people come to look at it from social media.

And I loved that when we arranged theshowings and stuff it was all like, I would get a text, or phone call, or whatever andso I always knew what was going on and could be prepared.

We’ve been telling people that you’reawesome! That Ann is awesome, and Joel is awesome! And that you guys made our houselook really great online and everything! That’s one thing we heard from our friendswas that, how cool the aerial shots were of the home and going through the home tour wasreally neat.

And it had a nice layout of the house available for people to see, insteadof just wondering how everything lined up with pictures and stuff.

Well, with us looking at new homes in Floridait’s so hard to figure out what the house really looks like, and the layout and everything.

It was so nice that our home, to sell, was great that way.

I didn’t like having tobe there when the people were coming to see the house.

Because they always have, like,negative comments or whatever, and I don’t want to hear that about my house.

So, it wasway better to have just a Realtor come and show them and us not to have to worry aboutit.

It was a really good experience.

Good experience!.

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