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How to Sell Your Bathroom

– Good morning, everyone.

It's Jessica and Kate here with Wilson Luck Real Estate Group.

Today we are going to be talkingabout selling your bathroom – Yes, okay, so the bathroom, not the most attractiveplace in the world, but let's make it more attractive.

For starters, Jessica, people don't want to buy bathrooms that have carpet in them.


– Who does that, that sounds gross.

– Pull out your carpetout of your bathroom.

Don't tell us what bacteria is on it, but get rid of it.

I literally have had clients, and you know who you are, who've said don't even show me a bathroom that has carpet in it.

I won't even go look at that house.

– Yeah, that seems likecommon sense, but I guess.

– You know a lot of people are attached to the carpet in their bathrooms, which, that's not somethingI want to be attached to.

The other thing too is, just clean up the clutter.

I mean really just getrid of all of the extras.

All of the toiletries, get them out of the shower.

If you're showing your house that day, if your house is going to be on tour, if you're gonna havepeople coming through, get rid of the clutter out of the showers, off the counters.

We don't need or wantto see your toothbrush.

They're too personal.

So remove all of those items.

You're really tryingto go for a hotel look.

Very pristine and all ofthe extras out of the way.

– Oh yeah, that makes sense.

A little bit of the blank slate when it comes to the bathroom.

– Absolutely.

The other thing too is thatwhen you're photographing your bathroom, please put down the toilet lid.

– Wait, people don't wantto see inside your toilet? Is that it? – No.

– Okay.

– They don't like that.

For some reason.

So then, the other thing toois get just like a white, I've lost my word, shower curtain, and white towels.

Crisp, think hotel.

Think clean.

Think that anythingthat's a little bit dirty or a little bit dingy, they're gonna associate thatwith somebody else's grodiness.

And they don't want to payfor people's grodiness.

So, if you want to sell your house faster, that's definitely one thing, is get rid of your own grodiness.

So, that's kind of it.

I mean, it's pretty obvious, Maybe put some prettyfresh little yellow daisies on the bathroom counter in a little vase, and that's it.

– Made sense.

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– Awesome luck! – Woo hoo!.

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How to Sell Your Home Before Buying

Hey we're just about to head over to Kyrsa and David's house and talk to them about selling their home before buying another one.

Or even having one identified to buy.

You know it takes a leap of faith.

Let's hear about their experiences.

It all worked out for them.

Hi my name is Dave and I'm Kyrsa.

Our old house was a 1900 vintage home.

Partially redone when we bought it.

And we introduced a number of changes.

Essentially it was time to move on.

We wanted to make some major changes and so we brought in some architects to get the idea of the scope and costs.

And through that process we realize that, to get the help that we wanted we would have to invest significant amount of money.

We preferred to just take the risk and try to sell and buy something that we actually wanted vs put all this money into a house and may not end up being the house we envision for ourselves.

Working with Randall we were able to negotiate a 90-day closing which was really helpful for us to take the stress off of buying a new home.

Finding a new home to buy.

And buying a house that we might have just felt the pressure to purchase, vs actually love the house itself.

Hey, if we sell our house, and if we have to rent for a year, so be it.

We'll have a year to find the right house and we won't make the wrong decision that would impact this for the long term.

Well after selling our home we were able to have cash on hand.

We had enough money to have a down payment and significant earnest money so that the purchase of our new home would not be contingent on the sale of our old home.

Given today's market, and after consulting with Randall, we really felt this was important for us to obtain the house of our dreams.

We would have been at a serious disadvantage if we were contingent on the sale of our house.

To then move quickly, to put in a competitive offer on the house that we really wanted.

So during our 90-closing period, we were able to comfortably go look for homes.

And during that period, we were able to identify a home that we absolutely fell in love with.

And also have the time to negotiate a deal, settle on closing terms, and also get inspected.

We have a home today that's absolutely wonderful! Wow, Kyrsa and David that was a great explanation of what it's like to sell before buying.

I'm planning on making a series of videos addressing some of these questions that people are asking me.

I hope you'll tune in.

Thanks so much for watching.

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