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How to Use Social Media to Sell a Home in Northern Utah

We wanted to move to a warmer climate.

Mybody doesn’t seem to agree with the weather, and cold is not fun for me so we’ve decidedto move to Florida.

Speed wise was great too! We only showed for,what, about a month.

Felt like we always knew what was going on, and that we would know whatthe next steps were.

It was awesome! It was nice that it was verysocial media friendly and so we were able to share it online, and stuff.

We did geta couple people come to look at it from social media.

And I loved that when we arranged theshowings and stuff it was all like, I would get a text, or phone call, or whatever andso I always knew what was going on and could be prepared.

We’ve been telling people that you’reawesome! That Ann is awesome, and Joel is awesome! And that you guys made our houselook really great online and everything! That’s one thing we heard from our friendswas that, how cool the aerial shots were of the home and going through the home tour wasreally neat.

And it had a nice layout of the house available for people to see, insteadof just wondering how everything lined up with pictures and stuff.

Well, with us looking at new homes in Floridait’s so hard to figure out what the house really looks like, and the layout and everything.

It was so nice that our home, to sell, was great that way.

I didn’t like having tobe there when the people were coming to see the house.

Because they always have, like,negative comments or whatever, and I don’t want to hear that about my house.

So, it wasway better to have just a Realtor come and show them and us not to have to worry aboutit.

It was a really good experience.

Good experience!.

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How To Sell Utah Home When Out Of State

My name is Tracy Leabo and my house was locatedin South Ogden.

It was a rental for a few years and I just decided I couldn’t holdon to it anymore and I needed help selling it.

I got the help I was looking for! It ended up selling very quickly.

I foundyou guys through my parents.

Basically my parents had sold a property.

They’d hadreally back luck with the prior Realtor.

He’d just drop the ball continuously and they hada hard time with it.

They turned to Joel and Ann and they sold their property so quickly.

I was just as thrilled with the process! I really expected it to be on the market forat least a couple months.

It was shocking! To get a call after three days that therewas an offer on the house, and the offer was good, and it was decent.

It was a huge relief!I wouldn’t have to make a trip up to Utah in order to sell the property or sign documents.

With the emails and the way I was able to sign the documents was just, it was so easy!I was really floored! Being able to contact Ann and Joel at prettymuch any time was great.

Any time I had a question they were very quick to get backand that really helped with the out of state issue.

It was a non-issue.

With the marketing, I love the way my housewas photographed! Everything looked really good.

It looked very pristine.

Facebook, andput it online.

I have no doubt that that’s why it turned around so quickly.

Call Annand Joel right away! They’re on top of their game.

They’ve really got the selling ofhomes down to an art! They did a great job with me.

They did a great job with my parents.

And I think that anybody would benefit from contacting them!.

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How To Sell Your Utah Home Over Asking Price

And so we sold the house for more than whatwe were asking for it.

That was actually a really good thing for us.

We had our askingprice at $148,500 and we sold it for $152,000.

Joel helped me through the steps of how togo about countering and stuff for some of the things they wanted for some of the thingswe wanted.

We were able to end up getting more for it.

Before we sold the home, we actuallyhad a different realtor, who, I'll tell you the experience between them/that realtor andyou guys was actually a lot different.

I mean you guys were communicating with us all thetime.

I mean Charity always knew what was going on when people were coming and stuff,if people would come, and when they actually they did come.

I mean before, there was actuallysomebody in our house and we really didn't know what was going on.

It kind of was weirdyou know.

The fact that that realtor actually never knew anything or have any feedback from the people.

It was bad on that part where you guys did a really good job with that.

We felt really informed like there was good communication between you guys and us.

Wehad a lot more showings with you guys were our realtor vs the other people too.

Overthere we had maybe (we had Coldwell Banker before) and we had maybe 1 showing every 2weeks.

And we had you guys we had like 2 or 3 showings every day.

And we had access toall of that information too – you guys were sending emails and stuff and I'd be able tosee how many people were in my home, what people's feedback was, what people thoughtabout the price and condition of the home.

I'm excited to have it sold! [Laughs] It'sactually a good feeling, you know, to get out, and re-explore the world.

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